Newspaper Spreads

This issue’s lifestyle section includes articles about the benefits of bullet journaling for busy college students, proper concert attire for local shows in San Antonio, the best places to take your sweetheart or best friend for dinner, and the importance of budgeting and financial literacy tips for students. For more information click on the issue and check out pages 10 and 11 for my spread!
This issue’s lifestyle section discussed the benefits of meditation, the transition to vegetarianism, and properly preparing for the application and testing process for degrees beyond a bachelor’s degree. For more, check out pages 10 and 11 for my spread!
Welcome to my first ever spread as lifestyle editor of the Rattler Newspaper at St. Mary’s University. My section is called Lifestyle and primarily focuses on improving one’s life and offering helpful tips or advice on certain topics such as financial matters, mental health, fashion, and much more. This issue focuses on healthy eating, the James Charles palette, stock market tips, and the government shutdown affects FDA inspections. Check out pages 10 and 11 for more!