Bad Suns Climb the Ladder


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“This is way better than listening in my car,” a girl in the audience of the Bad Suns concert screamed. As lead singer Christo Bowman, drummer Miles Morris, guitarist Ray Libby, and bassist Gavin Bennett, entered the stage of the Paper Tiger in downtown San Antonio, the venue was immediately filled with similar screams. Bowman approached the microphone and introduced their set saying, “We are the Bad Suns.” That was followed with a single guitar strum that opened their first song, Disappear Here. The crowd included people of different genders from ages 16 to 60. They all sang along with the band to every lyric.

After topping the charts in 2014 with their popular album, Language and Perspective, the Bad Suns made a comeback with their 2016 album, Disappear Here. Bad Suns is infamous for their eclectic music style which is a mix of indie, rock, alternative, and contemporary.

The Bad Suns originated in Woodland Hills, California in 2012. After performing a majority of their shows in California, they went on tour around the United States in 2014. During that tour, they had gone to Dallas, Texas. They later returned to Dallas in 2015. However, two years later during their Heartbreaker tour in 2017, they decided to perform in San Antonio instead.

The lead vocalist, Christo Bowman, mentioned during that concert that none of the boys of Bad Suns had ever been to San Antonio before. The people of Dallas were disappointed that they changed their location, but that did not stop them from attending. In fact, people from all over Texas came out to the concert. There were people from Austin, Arlington, Denton, and even El Paso there. Keep in mind that the drive from El Paso to San Antonio is eight hours. The Bad Suns made such a large impact on their fans, that people made the trip regardless.

Both albums from the Bad Suns are rated five stars on itunes, but their music played on an electronic device is nothing compared to a live performance. Their energy kept the entire crowd entertained throughout the concert. Christo Bowman has an attractive face with an even more attractive singing voice which made the fans, especially the women, remain attentive throughout the entire show.

In between songs, the band even had conversations with the audience saying how much they love the audience or love the city. Most artists do that at their concerts, but for the Bad Suns, their comments were genuine because their fans mean so much to them. They are not very well known so they appreciate their audiences no matter how small they are. However, after their Heartbreaker tour, their fan base will most likely grow.

Their songs continue to be popular among fans of alternative or rock music. They have such a unique style of music that sounds unlike any other artist which appeals to a wider audience. Because their music is so alluring to a diverse group of people, their concerts attract much attention. Their concerts are so entertaining that they are even attractive to people who are not big fans.

Since they are not widely known, their concerts are pretty inexpensive. The low price attracted a lot of people who had never even heard of them to the concert just so they could have something to do. These people went to the concert not knowing what to expect and came out impressed. In fact, I interviewed a member of the audience who went to the concert with her friend, but had never even heard of the band. She said that, “I actually really liked them. I started playing their songs on the car ride home because I enjoyed it so much. Usually I don’t listen to this type of music, but their style of music is so different from anything I’ve ever heard which really attracted me.”

Not only are the Bad Suns incredible performers that are full of energy which keeps the concert entertaining, but also the lights and effects used during their performance enhances their talent. The colors used for the lights matched the mood of each song. Anytime they sang one of their more emotional songs, the stage would turn blue or red to symbolize the passion behind the meaning of the song. The technicians even used violet colors during their famous song, Violet. The best effects were seen at the end when the band sang one of their most popular songs, Salt.

All of the fans had been patiently waiting for that song since the beginning of the concert. When the audience heard the bass riff from Gavin Bennett that begins the song, the entire room erupted with cheers. Finally, Bowman made an impact on the audience by singing that song with so much passion that eventually everyone started singing along. Miles Morris kept the rhythm smooth with his perfectly timed drumming. The songs would be non existent without the smooth guitar playing of Ray Libby and the effortless bass playing of Bennett. 

The Bad Suns may be a small band with a small reputation, but their performance made a big impact on the city of San Antonio. The people who attended the concert in San Antonio along with the reviews on iTunes are proof that the Bad Suns are a talented band that is unfortunately overlooked.

This was originally written in May 2017 for a Free Lance Writing course at St. Mary’s University



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